The Krazy Sailor

Not really a crazy sailor, but it was an available username and an amazing number of non-sailors think we are crazy, so why not:) Overall, I’m usually over prepared and move along at a leisurely pace.

Retired male, sailed a lot in his twenties, Canadian Power Squadron courses, Canadian Red Cross Wilderness Remote First Aid course.

In 2006 purchased a 59 foot sailboat in Boston, fixed it up and motored to Nova Scotia.

Purchased EvenSong a 1971 36 foot Moody Halberdier fiberglass sailboat in Buffalo, New York in 2008 and worked on it for four months to upgrade systems. Sailed the current sailboat from Buffalo to Rimouski last fall with crews of one to three others and two days single-handed.

In 2010 sailed from Rimouski, Quebec to Nain in Northern Labrador and then down to Port Saunders on the West Coast of Newfoundland. Sailed over one half of the way from Hopedale Labrador to Nain and then South to Port Saunders solo.

In 2011 sailed from Port Saunders around Newfoundland via St. John’s to Port Aux Basques and then across to Nova Scotia and on to Pictou, Nova Scotia, one half of it solo.

In 2012 bought a 36 foot Trisbal 36 foot aluminum sailboat in Florida and sailed back to Nova Scotia in 2014 / 2015.

David - Sunnyside NL - 201802



Pizza at Sams after a day outdoors Dec. 27, 2018 moving Rover.


Melmerby Beach Aug 2016 b

Melmerby Beach 2016


Labrador-  lifejacket n rainsuite on a cool day - 20110820

Labrador- lifejacket n rainsuite on a cool day – 20110820

Isles de la Magdelene - 20120112

Isles de la Magdelene – 20120112

Isles de la Magdelene - David - 20120112Julien Student fr France n David

20100816 - St Johns Harbour - it is warm - David raising anchor in shorts

Pulling anchor on a warm morning in Labrador in 2010.

20100809 - David steering - Sailing solo can be hard work

Sailing is hard work! Labrador 2010

Up Mast - What u do when its not right 1 st time - side  200901002

Being on top of things. Buffalo 2009


Maybe we should be in the Bahamas! Dec. 2107

Some of the photos are repeated below. There’s a bug in the site.


2 responses

25 07 2010

What a beautiful boat and amazing adventure. It is great to see the pictures. Thanks!

11 08 2010

Looks pretty cold, so yes, krazy is not that far off I think!!

Great to see some pictures after hearing some stories!!

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