Specifications – Trisbal 36

Constructeur (Builder) CMPF 76400 Fécamp (Chantier Maritime de Paimpol et Fécamp)
No de Series (Serial Number) 36024
Anne de Construction (Year Consructed) 1979
Category de Navigation ( Navigation Category, Limits) 1 ERE = partout = everywhere
Jauge de Brut 1180 TX Poids (gross register tonnage) 7340 kg (16,282 pounds)
Puissance Maxi de Moteur (Maximum Engine Power) 35CV (34.5 hp)
Nombre Max de Persons 6/9
Construction Conforme Aux Dispositions de Decret Du 1969 (Complies with the Building Decree From)

Designer: Jean Pierre Brouns
Builder: Ateliers et Chantiers de Fecamp
Rigging: Cutter
3 blade folding prop
LOA: 38′ (11 meters)
LOD: 36′ (10,6 m)
LOW: 29′ (8,6 m)
Draft 3’8″ – 6-3/4′ (0,90 to 2,05 m)
Beam: 12-1/4′ (3.72 m)
Displacement: 16,000 lbs (7200 kg)
Tank Diesel: 100 gal (385 liters)
Tank Water: 150 gal (570 liters)

Keel Type Full.
Rudder mounted at aft end of keel

Two centerboards; 2 in centerline; main and aft (in front of rudder).

Construction Aluminum hull and decks
Material thickness of keel and topsides is 6 mm; for the upper part 5 mm.

Appearance Sloop rig, cutter rig
Aft cockpit.

Removable green bimini over aft end of cockpit
Spars and masts aluminium
Unpainted aluminium hull
Grey decks


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