Damaged Bow Pulpit

The bow pulpit was damaged during the list of the wooden boat on the waterside of Rover. There were two lifting strap of the same length on the other boat. As the lift started he stern strap came tight and lifted the stern. The bow strap as placed forward where the keel curved up and was slack. The other boat pivoted into Rover as there was still a block of wood holding the bow of the other boat. This boat’s bowsprit tangled with Rover’s  mast and bent the bow pulpit. Pictures of the damage

The pulpit is believed to be original to the boat and installed in 1979.

  • It is constructed with about 1 1/8 inch aluminum (whether tube or solid is unknown).
  • The bases are about six feet for and aft.
  • The aft end of the bases are bout six feet four inches side to side (port to starboard) between bases.
  • The bases at the forward ends are about eighteen inches apart, side to side (port to starboard).
  • Top rail is about thirty one inches high and the bottom about seventeen.




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