This boat is was called Satyrus but was documented in the USA as “Zero Gravity” I do not like the name, Satyrus, and while I do like the name “Zero Gravity“, it’s taken in Canada. I wanted a short simple name, easy to pronounce and relatively recognisable. So I’m called her Attila for a while. The name has a bit of a bite and is named for “Attila the Hun”. However while the name Attile was taken it had expird, but I was unable to reserve Attila and she is now documented as Rover. Which is what I like to do, meander around and enjoy.

Plans for a Trisbal 36
Specifications for a Trisbal 36, built in France in 1979. One of about 30.
Photos of Rover at launch in Florida, 2014 and other Trisbal 36s
Photos of Rover at haulout by crane in Bridgewater, N.S. 2016
Pisces 27 Engine (Also called Isuzu 2AB1, Isuzu um2ab1 marinised or Isuzu QD-27 Marinised)

Trisbal 36 Sail Plan
Photos of bow pulpit damaged during launching in Bridgewater, June 2016.
Soft dodgers of other Trisbal 36s. Plus side, top and cockpit views.
Stern arches of other Trisbal 36s. Plus side, top and cockpit views.

Photos of my driveway for deliver of Rover for winter storage

Winter storage in Tidal waters

Removing the Engine, Day 1, April 2018
Removing the Engine, Day 2, April 2018

Manuals of some of the equipment

2014 – Would like to go to Europe via Labrador, Greenland, The Faroes, The Shetlands, etc and then cruise the canals of Europe. But I bought a new-to-me fixer-upper and may not be ready, so I may go direct to Europe or go South and the Pacific!

These are pictures of other Trisbals and how I’d like Attila to look! (maybe not purple)

Trisbal 36 – album from designer’s site

Chamicha (4)main  cabin to port Chamicha (4)main cabin to port[/caption]

Chamicha (4)main cabiin

Chamicha (4)main cabiin


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18 05 2018
Moving Day – No engine | KrazySailing, the fun continues

[…] (plans and specifications) spent the last part of the winter tied to the shore at a neighbours property. ( marked with an […]

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