Souris, PEI to Îles-de-la-Madeleine, QC – 20120107

EvneSong’s sailed from Pictou Landing, N.S. to Souris, P.E.I. and then over to Etand du Nord on Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Q.C.
Sebastien and Fanny decided to buy EvenSong ( Their web site for expeditions on Îles-de-la-Madeleine and their yurts) Friday morning and arrived at 8 p.m. We had decided to leave at 1 for the 16 hour, 85 mile crossing. But by the time they had their safety tours and the sails hanked on we did not get away to 3 a.m. The winds were light from SW and later SW 15-20 knots. Water temperature minus two and air temperature minus seven with flurries. Rough going around East Point P.E.I. It was heavy overcast and a dark day. Two of us got seasick. We motored till 10:30 a.m. and the motor momentarily slowed. That’s usually a sign of fuel problems . So we shut down immediately to avoid getting air into the fuel system. Thought we may have run out of fuel. But we had a full tank when we started and were not running at high speed so we should have had enough for the trip! So up went the sails and we were doing 6 knots. Good learning experience for the new owners. Because of seasickness, we had decided to delay checking the fuel and working on the engine till we came into the lee of the island. Once we were around the west end of the island the wind died and we only making 2 knots. When we were 5 miles from port we decided to try the engine. Cause whether we got air into the system or not I’d still have to bleed it if I changed filters. Plus after being up for 33 of the last 36 hours one tends to decide for the easiest course of action. Engine worked perfectly and we arrived at the wharf at Etang du Nord at 5 p.m to a warm welcome from their families and friends. A 15 hour crossing. I’ll be here a few days, helping get EvenSiong out of the water and winterised, to empty EvenSong, and to wait for the ferry back and. It
‘s been a fun and adventurous time with evensong. Buffalo, N.Y., Kingston, Thousand island, Montreal. Quebec City, Tadoussac, Rimouski, the Mingans, Harrington Harbour, Forteau, Hopedale, Makovik, Nain, Port Saunders, Port Aux Choix, New Ferolle, Plum Point, , Quirpon, St. Anthony, Great Harbour deep, La Scie, Twillingate, St. Jphn’s. Fermouse, Trepassy, Branch, Fortune, Francois, Burgeo, Port aux Basques, Dingwall, Baddeck, St. Peter’s and home.

Thanks to the may people I’ve met along the way and made the trip memorable. Especially to those who crewed: Zack, Seth, Emilie, James, Dale, Maya, Maik, Clovis, Cathie, Jeremy, Richard, Alice, Louise, Julien, Mark, Eric, Sebastien and Fanny. And speical thanks to the crew and other sailors at the Buffalo First River Marina, Rimouski Marine and Port Saunders Marien Service Centre.

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7 responses

9 01 2012
richard malcolm

Great memories-thanks captain!
sad to see you leave her but am waiting to see your next adventure. best to lady

9 01 2012
Émilie Caron

I’d like to thank you for letting me be part of the crew from Tadoussac to Rimouski (is it already two years ago? wow time flies!). It was a short trip for me, but I truly enjoyed it. Thanks to your Krazy Sailing I found myself a fine sailor in Rimouski: Samuel Denis d’Ortun!
What’s up for you now?
Émilie Caron

10 01 2012

HI David, so you sold your lovely boat – why?? On to another adventure maybe. N

10 01 2012
Bill Mohrmann-Watson

I’m waiting for the book!

10 01 2012
Heather Cunningham

Glad you’re home safe and sound you crazy man! Are you really selling yer boat?? Oh well, I know of a great B&B to stay at. Take care…. Heather C

11 01 2012

Heather It’s sold. I’m on Isles de la Magdelene helping the new ownerg get it out of the water and winterised. I’m touristing with them for a week.How’s your life, I’ve not seen you for a few years.


10 01 2012
Louise Stewart

What is your next boat going to be?

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