Sail to Greenland, Iceland, the Faroes, the Orkneys, Scotland and then thru the canals of Europe to Danube to Turkey

Looking for up to three persons to join this sailing expedition from Canada to Europe via Greenland and Iceland.

Sailing experience not required but previous outdoor experience is preferred. Rover is a camp on the sea, not a luxury yacht. Safety first, comfort second, luxury third. But always fun; if it’s not fun, why are we doing it!!

You must be able to get along; i can teach you how to sail but I cannot teach you how to get along!

Attitude – the difference between an adventure and an ordeal.

My new-to-me fixer-upper sailboat is in Florida. I plan to sail from Florida and :
– turn left to Nova Scotia to Newfoundland, Labrador, Greenland, Iceland, The Faroes, The Shetlands, The Orkneys, Scotland, England, and the canals of Europe and down the Danube to Turkey and back via the Med.

As it does not matter to me the route perhaps for you Iceland to Sweden. Though I have to watch me number of days (90 of 180) in the Schengen counties. (some notes here )

The boat is new to me an I’d like to be out of the boat year by early June. I bough a used engine sight-unseen, so not sure how that will go. Except for cruising in the canals of Europe, I’d go with no motor or an outboard.
Time estimates on refitting a used and new-to-me boat that I’ve seen for only three days is a guesstimate. This is my third boat since 2006 that I’ve refitted, so hopefully I’m getting smarter! If time is short, I’ll make it safe and a little as possible to make it liveable! The goal is to get to Europe this summer. It may/likely start out as camping in the rough and I plan on improving it as we go.

The sailboat is called Rover. (

My plan:
– Florida to NS – 30 – 45 days
– NS to top of Newfoundland – 6 days
– NL to top of Labrador – 10 days
– Labrador to Greenland – 5 days
– explore Greenland – 14 days
– go from West to East side of Greenland – 7 – 14 days
– Greenland to Iceland – 6 days
– Explore Iceland – 7 days
– Iceland to the Faroes – 2 days
– Explore the Faroes – 4 days
– The Faroes to the Shetland Is – 2 days
– Scotland, England and over to France
– Head someplace for the winter

If the timing is off for that, I’ll go directly over to Europe via Bermuda or South for the winter.

Come and join for all or part.

Here’s a blog of my sails to Labrador and around Newfoundland

All decisions (where we go, how fast we go, where we visit, sail/motor, anchor/marina, steak/Kraft Dinner (lol), etc. will be group decisions but the captain (me), has the legal responsibility for your safety, has the final say. My approach would to take the safest of the choices. I.E. Do we leave all the sails up and make speed to take some down because of that black cloud.

Cost sharing of food, fuel, marinas and cruising permits is shared. I supply the boat and pay the maintenance costs. For example in 2010 it was about $11 Cdn in Labrador per day, but depends upon how expensive our tastes! I plan to anchor out as much a possible because marinas can run from $0.00 in some place in Canada to $120+ Cdn/day.

Preparing a sailboat for an expedition i a lot of work and a helping hand is always appreciated.


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