Porpoises n Whale Between La Scie n Twillingate – 20110920

On September 20 for over forty minutes (10:37 am to 11:16) while I was motoring at five knots between La Scie and Twillingate (about 16 nautical miles from Twillingate) on the North Coast of Newfoundland I was in the midst of an immense number of porpoises and one whale. The porpoises were all around me as far as I could see. Some were so far away I would see daylight under them when they jumped (i.e. the horizon) They covered an ave over a kilometer in diameter and there were hundreds. Many headed to the boat from the left, right and from behind. Pictures not great as hard to be a sailor and photographer at the same time. Plus they are quick!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click here to locate La Scie.


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