2011 – Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

Summer & Fall 2011, A grand voyage, starting August 2 from Port Saunders to (weather and time permitting) Lance Aux Meadows, St. Anthony, Englee, Twillingate, Fogo Is, Bonavista, Pouch Cove, St. Johns, Ferryland, Trepassy, Saint Lawrence, St. Pierre & Miquelon, Ramea, Port aux Basques, over to Nova Scotia (perhaps Louisberg and the Bra d’Ors) and many places in between.

It’s a long voyage, but a leisurely one. We anchor at night (except when crossing to Nova Scotia) and sail based upon good weather forecasts. We’ll take time to gunkhole and explore; the only time constraint is the next crew change. Else wise the schedules open.

We share expenses which food, fuel and marina fees (though we use few of those).

As of Nov. 2, I reched Pictou Landing, N.S., 10 minutes by car from home. Elated!
Click here for the Log and Pictures

You can still join the voyage!.

I will be updating this page with a schedule and as the trip goes, photos and blogs.

Click here for the proposed route and points of interest using Google Earth (updated July 12, 2011)

Schedule for the 2011 Newfoundland and Nova Scotia Cruise. (updated July 12, 2011) The schedule is flexible to accommodate weather and the crew’s interests (i/.e sidetrips). Though locations and dates for crew changes are more firm. For example we may do a crew change at a town near to the scheduled port. Is extreme cases (hurricane for example) we may not be in the area scheduled for crew change, and you may have to travel to another port or wait for us.

The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet used to calculate the Schedule for the 2011 Newfoundland and Nova Scotia Cruise. (updated July 23, 2011)

Ports for Crew Changes (updated July 12, 2011)

Crew Scheduled and Crewing Opportunities. (updated July 23, 2011)

Click here for information about cellphone, satellite phone and SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger coverage in Newfoundland.

Wireless Internet is available at most fish plant wharfs and via the Community Access Program (CAP sites). Click here to learn about CAP and for a list of Cap sites, their hours of operation and equipment.

Links of Interest:

Most likely to see icebergs here.

The viking village at Lanse-aux-Meadows, Newfoundland

Sailing the South coast of Newfoundland. Pictures and places.

Kayaking the South coast of Newdoundland.. More pictures and places.

Official Tourism website of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Click here for Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club. Click here for their Membership Handbook with it’s fee structure for visitors, mast crane and haulouts .

Click here for sea surface temperatures as well as marine weather, wave heights, etc.

Environment Canada Local and marine weather, satellite and radar images, long range forecasts, etc.

Historical Weather Information: We will be sailing by places like St. Anthony, Bonavista, St. John’s, Burgeo and Port aux basques, so check-out their weather.

The climate of Labrador

Attainable Adventure Cruising – they have sailed Labrador, Greenland, Iceland and Norway. Lots of advice and photos.

The big concern is not drowning, but Hypothermia

Marine Safety

We will, hopefully, not sail this way!

When not to take the Ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland

The importance of good communication!


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