Red Bay, Labrador to Cartwright, Labrador

A Whale of a Tale

Had a close call day before yesterday (July 20) when we were sailing between Rad Bay and Henley harbour. I was sitting in the cockpit n snoozing and felt the boat fall off a wave. This often happens when there’s waves from different directions. But when I looked up, there was no wave on my side. Did we hit something? So I immediately looked on the other side. The starboard side was frothy and there was a big boil or upwelling of water 15 feet back on that side. Clovis, new crew (student from France), saw the fin and back of a whale 20 ft in along that side. The whale suffaced so close it pushed the boat sideways. It must have been scared cause it was gone.


2 responses

25 07 2010
Cathie Watson

Beautiful pictures, but you should have go me in at least one picture to prove I was there for part of the trip anyway. Lady warranted a picture but not your wife.

26 07 2010
Zack Kruzins

craziness, can’t believe you hit a whale!

i saw a few humpacks about a month ago off NE vancouver Island in the Broughton Archipelago, swam like 10ft from my kayak! pretty amazing

I’m dying to see a pic of all 3 sails flying!

keep on rocking it!

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