2010, Quebec to Torngat Mountains National Park, Labrador

Voyage Completed, no crew required

Crew for the reurn trip from Labrador to Nova Scotia: details of the trip who, what and where. The Why: because I’ve been intrigued about the north ever since living in central Labrador.

Schedule & Expenses

Estimated Expenses

Click here for Log and Pictures of this voyage thru August 31.
Click here for Log and Pictures of this voyage September 2010

(Updated August 6,2010 at 01:50 AST)

Schedule With Crew Changes – Public, with the dates of arrival at selected communities (ports) that are convenient for crew changes or the 2010 cruise to the Torngat Mountains National Part and return. The document also indicates if there communities also suitable for crew changes between these ports.

Port Info: information on some of the communities suitable for crew changes.

Spreadsheet in PDF format used to determine dates of arrival at ports using distance, speeds, weather, breakdown and days playing tourist factors.
The dates and expenses are at this point-in-time estimates and will be finalised once the crew has been selected and their capabilites known. The expenses are for a person making the whole voyage. If you join us for only part, your expenses would be only for that leg. These communities are also suitable for crew changes.

Places People and Events to see during this cruise. Add your suggestions.

A few Web Sites of Interest:

This is a link to a fellow who single-handed the trip, gives a god idea of the scenery.

Torngat Mountains National Park

Pictures of the Torngats

It’s even been done daysailer

Lost Channel, a magically beautiful little fjord, ending in an isthmus/land bridge.

Alex’s itinerary:

The viking village at Lanse-aux-Meadows, Newfoundland/.

Battle harbour. an old restored fishing port, lot of sail boats go there.

Hawkes Bay, abandonded whaling station.

Black Tickle, unique fishing village.

Across Gros Water Bay to Smokey, abandoded fishing location.

Hopedale, oldest wooden building East of quebec City.

Davis inlet, old innu community

Nain, very old community, much moravian history there.

Hebron, very old moiravian missionary site,

Mugford tickle, 1/4 mile wide, 3500 ft land side, 3600 ft ocean side, all around there are beautiful high mountains. Look for Strange Cove on port side of Mugford Tickle, interesting rock compesition in that area.

Once thru Mgford you are then in gods country, long deep fijords, many colours of green, solitude like no other place in the north, go in each fijord.

Ramah, starboard side on entering on the point are old German grave markers and a waterfall where you can have a shower, kinna cold only. There you can find world famous Ramah Chert. Look on North side of bay, out of Ramah, on to Navack Fijord. 40 miles deep, water falls that cascade off the mountains, so high it turns to mist then bacomes a waterfall again. Oold sod Inuit house on North side of the bay. Look for a point of land, its there, there are stone graves all over the place up there. Look for caribou path, you may fing a spear or arrow head on one of them.

Kidliapiat Harbour and drink clear cold spring water straight from a hole in a rock

Alex reports”
I’ll be a wonderful experience, a word of caution, with the high mountains up there, some rising 5500 ft straight out of the ocean you can epperience some very strong gusts off wind, can come out of nowhere, perfectyl calm day, sunny and warm and then in a breath you could get 60 knts of wind, have good anchors and nylon rope, take 3, long rope too, the water in those fijords is very deep, you gotta go close to shore in order to anchor. Lots of flies in Labrador, more in the South than in the North but still some up there. Lots of beautiful arctic flowers in the Torngats.
It will be a wonderful trip, use caution, the north kills, no mercey but if you are careful and brave it will be a trip of a lifetime, believe me, i spent 3 summers up there in a 42 ft boat, collecting char and fishing char, best three years of my life. good luck, i am envious, ask me anything and i’ll try to help. Alex.

Okak.  A resettled town.  There are still pottery bits lying around here, and someone’s patch of rhubarb from 50 years ago, still growing.  One person reported: “We cut the rhubarb and made jam on our boat”.

Same person suggests: “Never been to Porcupine Strand/aka Wonderstrand, (<strong><a href=”http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Porcupine+Strand+labrador&sll=53.720076,-57.024536&sspn=0.098327,0.220757&ie=UTF8&hq=Porcupine+Strand+labrador&hnear=&ll=53.740183,-57.024536&spn=0.186406,0.441513&t=h&z=11″>near Cartwright, Labrador</a></strong>)  but look it up.  I am very interested in going here.  The British military practiced for the DDay invasions on this beach, and apparently 15-20 years ago you could still see tracks made by the tanks in the mud.”

Labrador Tourism site

Labrador Coastal drive Map

Ferry Service (coastal Boat) in Northern Labrador

Getting to the Park

Historical Weather Information: We will be sailing by places like Nain and Cartwright and Cow Head, so check-out their weather.

The climate of Labrador

Attainable Adventure Cruising – they have sailed Labrador, Greenland, Iceland and Norway. Lots of advice and photos.

The big concern is not drowning, but hypothermia
Marine Safety


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19 09 2010
Nick Entract

Really enjoy reading these notes.. Thanks David ..Keep ’em coming !

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