Will that be Cash, Credit or Debit?

As of July 2011:

Even in small villages in Labrador they took Mastercard and Visa, almost guaranteed one or the other. And debit almost everywhere. I’m not sure how many ATMs there are, though of course watch the charges.

Most small communities do not have banks. Sometimes the post office has an attached limited services bank. For example Bank of Montreal in Nain.

In tourist areas US currency is accepted, though I’d think you’d get better rates at the bank. I’m thinking, bring some Canadian, say $100 and use credit or debit card where possible. Though, I think some/most cards have a fee for foreign currency transactions.I’d recommend you check with your debit and credit card issuers. And if a transaction fee, get large amounts each time. Many places have cash back on debit so you can get Cdn currency that way rather than at an ATM.

And of course, remember to have sufficient cash to settle-up for the shared expenses.


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