Storing Food

Sorry no freezer. Was removed by prior owner when he started his renos.

These notes on storing perishable food apply to the cooler regions of Northeastern Canada, mainly Newfoundland and Labrador.

Typically we buy enough frozen food so that by the time it thaws we are ready to eat it. We find it keeps frozen for a couple of days simply by wrapping it in newspapers and then double plastic baging and storing in the bilge.

There are have several fridges:
– If the water is cold enough, we store food that neds to be kep cold in the forward bilge and wrap or package them appropiately. In the northern area the water temperature is 10 deg C (50 deg F) and lower and the bilge is bow the waterline.
– We store vegetable under the kitchen drawers, again it’s below the waterline.
– There is a MobiCool 45 Liter 12/120 volt portable cooler that we use when the water temperature s too high. Last summer we used it between Rimouski, Quebec and Lance aux Clair, Labrador and after that the was was cold enough we got rid of it and used the bilge. It stores under the bench seat for the dining table and is a pain to pull in and out. Always seem to need one more thing! With proper planning and packing it serves us well. The only problem is it is solid state cooling and does not have a thermostat, hence if it runs too long i will freeze the contents!

Mobicool 45 L Wheeled Cooler

Mobicool 45 L Wheeled Cooler

The food we use every day is stored in a locker beside the galley. The excess is stored where ever there space in the boat: under berths, under the floor (deck), lockers, in bilges, etc.


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