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12 04 2010

Hi David,
Thanks for your reply through findacrew. I read all of the information again and missed the part before that says smoking is allowed. This will not work for me. Sorry for your time. Happy sailing.

13 04 2010

I’m a nonsmoker and would prefer nonsmokers. There are otherwise good people out there with the habit. So I’ve allowed smoking same as our provincial laws. Only outside. Smoking is allowed, but only on the stern of the boat. Not in cabins or cockpit.

14 02 2011
Jane and Andy Ferrier

Hi guys, we are fitting out a Halberdier getting to the stage of fitting the masts. When we bought her the masts were included and the rigger is scratching his head as to where to start. we have all the ‘bits’ but no sail plan. do u have one????? will send u pics if u like. we hope to get her in the water this summer. Cheers and look forward to hearing from you Jane x

24 08 2011
Angie O'Neill

Hi David,

Can’t see where you put your pictures…

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