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9 04 2010

Attitude: the difference between an ordeal and an adventure!
Passion trumps Fears

2014 & 2015 sailing up the East Coas tof thew USA from Florida to Nova Scotia including the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW)
The fun continues here!

Crew Wanted for 2014 & 2015: This trip was cancelled, refit not completed on Rover. Perhaps in 2016!
My new-to-me sailboat is in Florida. I plan to sail from Indiantown, Florida out to the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW) and turn left up the ICW to Nova Scotia and then on to Newfoundland, Labrador, Greenland, Iceland, The Faroes, The Shetlands, The Orkneys, Scotland, England, and the canals of Europe.

The boat is new to me an I’d like to be out of the boat yard by early June. I bough a used engine sight-unseen, so not sure how that will go. Except for cruising in the canals of Europe, I’d go with no motor or an outboard.
Time estimates on refitting a used and new-to-me boat that I’ve seen for only three days is a guesstimate. This is my third boat since 2006 that I’ve refitted, so hopefully I’m getting smarter! I’ll do a much as possible to make it safe and a little as possible to make it liveable! The goal is to get to Europe It will start out as camping in the rough and I plan on improving it as we go.

My plan:
– Florida to NS – 30 – 45 days
– NS to top of Newfoundland – 6 days
– NL to top of Labrador – 10 days
– Labrador to Greenland – 5 days
– explore Greenland – 14 days
– go from West to East side of Greenland – 7 – 14 days
– Greenland to Iceland – 6 days
– Explore Iceland – 7 days
– Iceland to the Faroes – 2 days
– Explore the Faroes – 4 days
– The Faroes to the Shetland Is – 2 days
– Scotland, England and over to France
– Head someplace for the winter

Or is it the Krazy Sailor? At least that’s what some would think about sailing down North to Labrador in 2010 and around Newfoundland in 2011.


Summer 2011: sailed from from Port Saunders to (weather and time permitting) Lance Aux Meadows(Vikings) , St. Anthony, Englee, Twillingate, St. Johns, Trepassy, Saint Lawrence, Port aux Basques, over to Nova Scotia (the Bra d’Ors Lakes) and many places in between.

This site was set-up as and an aid to finding crew, a resource for crew, to share information like schedules and expenses and to blog the voyages for the loved ones left behind.